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Ritual Gummies


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Smooth, delicious gummies rolled in sugar.

Mushroom variety: Yeti

400mg active per gummy | 4g active per jar (10 squares per jar)

Gummies are processed differently than capsules and may result in a stronger “feel” from a similar dose. Please use caution when determining your dosage.

We do NOT recommend consuming more than 1-2 gummies at a time unless you are experienced with and expecting a strong visual and audio experience.

Made in a facility that also processes nuts, milk, soy, and wheat. This product is not regulated by the FDA.

Ingredients: Corn Syrup (from corn), Sugar (from beets), Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Pectin (derived from fruit), Vegetable Oil, Natural Food Coloring

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Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Ritual Gummies

  1. Cathie CROUSE

    Chill feeling. No visuals, just relaxing two gummies eaten two hours apart. Immediate relief of neck pain and muscle tension

  2. Jennifer Beck

    Strong visuals and some auditory hallucinations with heros dose!!
    I’ve bought a few jars of the ritual gummies and with 7 you can experience strong hallucinations. Suggestion when doing a heroes do is to do them with binaural beats during your journey. Always enjoy these gummies.

  3. Andrew

    Great product. Took them to enhance the experience at a concert and worked great. Next time I’ll increase the dose.

  4. Mimi Sun

    Oh Mannn!!
    This is the second product I have tried from Golden Rule and my goodness. This is my new favorite place to shop. I only did 2 gummies each time I tried them because I didn’t have time to do a full trip but just wanted to feel something. These are GOOD. They make me feel all warm inside. The walls breath slightly and color is enhanced along with a happy mood for me. I sleep like a baby! And I’m energized the next day with an at ease mind. I like these alot to take the edge off. Nice product!

  5. Rickele L

    Ritual Gummies!!
    Thank you for these wonderful gummies. I love them for my microdosing healing journey 🙂

  6. JasonG

    Super relaxing!!
    I’m happy to report that the item was delivered swiftly and much to our surprise, my wife and I found great pleasure in it. After a gap of more than two decades, we finally had the opportunity to indulge in this activity, and it felt wonderful to immerse ourselves in a structured setting. It served as an excellent way to reintroduce ourselves to this experience and acted as a perfect starting point. While I believe that consuming more than one would amplify the enjoyment even further, the quantity we had was just right for our partnership.

  7. N.A.

    Deep Reflection and Enhanced Meditation!!!
    Love popping 2 of these gummies and doing somatic meditation work to release trauma. They give a pleasantly warm feeling and allow me to feel more expansive in my breath work and lung capacity. Felt very at peace and connected. ❤️

  8. Patrick

    Worked every time!!
    These candies do not disappoint

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