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Hillbilly Pumpkin – 40 Count

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125mg active | 40 capsules | Hillbilly Pumpkin

Our single strain capsules feature our double extraction method applied to three very popular and potent mushroom strains. These capsules are formulated in 125mg doses so you can “stack” the dose to your desired amount. You can also choose the strain variety you prefer, based on the results you are most interested in.

Microdose Stacking Guide:

125mg – Mini Dose – Starter dose for beginners or those more sensitive to the medicine.

250mg – Microdose – Sub-perceptual; most common dose to aid general well-being.

375mg – Moderate Dose – Typically still sub-perceptual, especially for those less sensitive to the medicine or who weigh over 220lbs.

500mg – Museum Dose – May be slightly perceptible; enhances audio and visual stimuli and increases creative thinking. 

Varieties Guide:

Avery Albino – this variety is known for enhancing focus, clarity, motivational energy, flow, strengthened intuition, confidence, and getting things done.

Golden Teacher – this variety is known for enhancing introspection, reflection, grounding, awareness, lightness, emotional clearing, and a sense of calm.

Hillbilly Pumpkin – this variety is known for their significant boost in joy and happiness, creativity, and overall gentleness for beginners to microdosing.

Ingredients: Hillbilly Pumpkin, Vegan Capsule

Variations in color and texture of the powder in the capsule may occur, but potency and efficacy is not affected.

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Customer Reviews

1 review for Hillbilly Pumpkin – 40 Count

  1. Ashleigh Starks


    I don’t review online products often and I have tried every other strain from golden rule. This is by far my favorite product from them. I really like the boost it gives me daily. I can’t wait to order more!

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