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Euphoria Truffles


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Premium artisan chocolate truffles. Meticulously crafted, containing a perfect blend of nature’s finest gifts.

1.5g active per truffle | 6g active per box (4 truffles per box)

Mushroom variety: Yeti

500mg of Lion’s Mane: Known to support brain function, digestive health, and immune health, and may reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

100mg Concentrated Blue Lotus Extract: An Egyptian psychoactive flower that gives people feelings of feeling uplifted, slightly euphoric effects, and can promote sleep/lucid dreaming. (It takes 10g of raw blue lotus flower to create 100mg of concentrated extract.)

Chocolate is processed differently than capsules and may result in a stronger “feel” from a similar dose. Please use caution when determining your dosage.

We do NOT recommend consuming more than 1-2 truffles at a time unless you are experienced with and expecting a strong visual and audio experience.

Contains dairy. Made in a facility that also processes nuts, milk, soy, and wheat. This product is not regulated by the FDA.

Ingredients: Unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cacao Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Milk, Edible Gold Dust

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Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Euphoria Truffles

  1. Lance O’Sullivan


  2. Patrick

    Works great!!
    Perfect for a day of intense relaxation.

  3. Lina

    these truffles are everything! i experienced an elated state of mind accompanied by mild visuals and a wonderful body high. packaging was discreet and the taste is on point too!
    highly recommend for a good time!

  4. Gina Viera


    Absolutely amazing, don’t not take a whole truffle to microdose. These are very strong and very great. Amazing experience.days

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