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Bliss Bites


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Experience the magic of Bliss Bites today and elevate your moments of connection and joy.

Mushroom Variety: Hillbilly Pumpkin

150mg active per chocolate heart | 2.25g active per container (15 drops total)

A Recipe for Bliss and Vitality, Each Bliss Bite Contains:

150mg Hillbilly Mushroom: Known for its joyful and energizing effects, coupled with the profound wellness benefits of psilocybin.

3000mg Blue Lotus Extract: Gentle euphoria, traditional relaxant, known to alleviate stress and gently enhance mood.

500mg Organic Maca Extract: Boosts energy and is renowned for enhancing sexual health and mood balance.

250mg Yohimbe: A natural aid for improved sexual function and increased energy levels.

500mg Cordyceps: Known for improving exercise performance and supporting heart health.

Rich, Luxurious Chocolate: Mood-enhancing and heart-healthy.

Instructions: For a microdose, consume 0.5-1 chocolate heart. For a Museum/Concert dose, consume 2 or more chocolate hearts.

Bliss Bites contains 150mg of active mushroom, yet its potency feels more like 300mg due to the quality and strength of the ingredients. This little powerhouse truly packs a punch. Therefore, we recommend starting with just half a heart, depending on the experience you’re seeking.

WARNING: Keep this product out of reach of children. Before using, consult your physician or a mental health provider. For further information, please review our product guide.

Chocolate is processed differently than capsules and may result in a stronger “feel” from a similar dose. Please use caution when determining your dosage.

Contains dairy. Made in a facility that also processes nuts, milk, soy, and wheat. This product is not regulated by the FDA.

Ingredients: Unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Milk.

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Customer Reviews

1 review for Bliss Bites

  1. Ally (verified owner)

    O M G. Emphasis on the O. Bliss bites did not disappoint. Hillbilly is my favorite microdosing strain (so far) and this bliss bite blend is beyond wonderful. Thank you Golden Rule!

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