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Designed to harmonize with your mind, body and spirit:

introducing zen, formerly known as calm

Organic Mushrooms

100% Fruiting Body

Accurate Dosages

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Stackable Single Strain Capsules

Choose your strain and “stack” your dose for your desired results.

ZEN + SuperZEN Blend Capsules

The best blend for grounding, creativity, and a sense of calm.

Flow + SuperFlow Blend Capsules

The best blend for focus, clarity, and motivation.

Luxurious Edibles

Chocolate and Gummies offer a great-tasting, smooth, and potent effect.

The Golden Rule

Crafted with the Golden Rule: Exceptional quality, utmost safety, and unmatched reliability in every product, just as we would want for ourselves.

Our products go through a special double extraction process that breaks open the plant fibers and gives your body direct access to the molecular medicinal compounds, making it much more potent than the raw dried mushrooms you might have taken before! All Golden Rule products are made from 100% fruiting body mushrooms, organically grown in Colorado.

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Happy Blend – 1/2 Protocol

$80.00 or $68.00 / month

SuperHappy Blend – 1/2 Protocol

$105.00 or $89.25 / month

SuperHappy Blend – 4/3 Protocol

$160.00 or $136.00 / month